For overseas people

 Experience Samurai Iaido


  If you come to Japan, you can become a samurai.
Let's cut with a sword.
This is an authentic Iai (traditional sword arts) workshop offered by the "Hogyokukai" International Iaido Organization. Easy to understand guidance of Iai arts (kata (form), Kumitachi (paired practice), and Tameshigiri (actual cutting)) is provided by an Iai master at the Hogyokukai. The Hogyokukai is a renown school of Iaido, and has been introduced on a special program on "NBC", which is one of the 3 major broadcasting networks in the U.S. that will also be nationally broadcasting the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. The school also offers Iai lessons for members of the "Tokyo American Club", a top class social club in Japan.

Let's cut with a sword.
It will be held if two or more people gather.The experience is 7,500 yen per person.

How to make a reservation
Check the schedule on facebook.
Please make a reservation.

If you have completed the application in advance, please pay by credit card from this page.


¥7,500(tax included)


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東京東京23区/栃木 宇都宮/千葉 下総流山/埼玉 浦和・大宮 
長野 上田/山梨 甲府  
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