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 Enrollment procedure
With You Tube, you can practice online wherever you are in the world.
Welcome to Hougyokukai

Monthly fee¥6,600(including tax)  Annual membership fee¥6,600(including tax)  

Click here for International Iaido Organization Hougyokukai rules
The following procedure assumes that you understand the rules.

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Step 1 if you want to join monthly membership fee¥6,600including tax 
Settlement of monthly membership fee on the same month thereafter
Please push "Introduction to Hougyokukai" and settle the first month membership fee.

The monthly fee for one month from today.
Monthly dues are settled on the same day of each month.
Now you can settle monthly membership fees automatically, so you don't have to.
If you are a junior (5 years old to elementary school student) or a youth (junior high school to high school student), enter the name and date of birth in the “Customer Information” column.

Please be careful   Monthly membership fee.You should proceed without payment in installments.

  If you would like to pay by bank debit instead of credit card payment, please fill out this form with your request for bank debit and wait for your email notification. The following annual membership fee will also be announced.

  Step 2 if you want to join Annual membership fee ¥6,600including tax

Please push "Register to the International Iaido Federation" and settle the annual membership fee for the first year.
One year fee from today.
The annual membership fee is settled on the same month every year.
If you are a junior (5 years old to elementary school student) or a youth (junior high school to high school student), enter the name and date of birth in the “Customer Information” column.

When you are done, the initial procedure is over.

  If you become a member

1) Submission of introductory pledge

We will send you an "Introductory Pledge".
After completing the form, return it in the enclosed reply envelope.

2) Equipment preparation
You will receive a greeting and an e-mail from the Japanese sword samurai temple, which is outsourcing the initial procedures.
Please be able to receive mail from.
Samurai will take care of "rehearsal clothes, mock swords (wood swords etc. are acceptable), sports insurance, etc."


1) Kimono for training

You can even wear jersey-like practice clothes.
But if you want a kimono for training, you can buy it from "Nippon Touken Samurai".
Hougyokukai's mark is included.
The price depends on the size, but it is about 30,000 Japanese yen.
You can buy an obi only for about JPY 5000.
Since it is sent from Japan, if it is a country other than Japan, the tariff set by that country may be required.

2) Replica sword for Iaido
You can practice with a wooden sword.
A wooden sword with a sheath costs around 10,000 Japanese yen.
If you want a replica sword for Iaido, you can buy one.
Prices range from reasonable to high-end.
It's reasonably priced, and it's more than 30,000 yen.
Both can be purchased from "Nippon Touken Samurai".
For countries other than Japan, customs tariffs set by that country may be required.
(The sword rack is sold separately from the sword)

3) Training starts immediately!
After the procedure is completed, you will receive the e-mail magazine "Peng Yukai Member Communication".
You can start training immediately. At first please participate in jerseys. I will lend you a sword until you are ready.
We will also send you information about the lesson participation.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any consultation.
It was good that the edges were connected.
Welcome to the trip to Iaido!


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