Hougyoku-kai teaches at the world class country club, the Tokyo American Club
Hougyoku-kai does tameshigiri, kumitachi and kata

Master Takeda holds the seventh dan teacher's license for Mugairyu. He is a student of the Soke (head teacher of Mugairyu)

Hougyoku-Kai’s logical teaching method allowed this student who had only been studying for a year and a half to do tameshigiri well.

150th Memorial Service with People with Relations to Members of the Shinsengumi

Toshiba x Mugairyu Iai Hougyoku-kai

Toei Video x Mugairyu Iai Hougyoku-kai

Junior Class (5 years old - Elementary School Graduation) Hougyoku-kai has a class just for elementary school students 

Mugairyu Iai Hougyoku-kai Channel

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